Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street - Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen (Documentaires)
Flux Gourmet - Peter Strickland (Film d'ouverture)
Laurie Tompkins
Santa Sangre - Alejandro Jodorowsky (Carte blanche Stephen Sayadian)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


Book launch

In the presence of Elena Biserna, Marie Verry et Yvan Etienne

In addition to her Feminist Steps workshop, Elena Biserna will present her new collection, Walking from Scores, published this fall by Les Presses du Réel. A collection of about a hundred protocols, instructions, textual and graphical partitions non-site-specific focused on walking, listening and sound production in urban space, gathering contributions from more than sixty artists and collectives, some of which are linked to Fluxus, to the Scratch Orchestra or to the British experimental scene; others being artists of more recent generations.

{see also : workshop Feminist Steps with Elena Biserna}

THU 20.10, 17:00 – 18:00
Librairie HumuS
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