Swallowed - Carther Smith (Film de clôture)
Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street - Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen (Documentaires)
Breathing Happy - Shane Brady (Compétition longs métrages)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


Hence, after enduring two years of what seemed to be the end of the world, it still sucks. Steadily moving into its third decade of obscure festivities, LUFF is delighted to seek for its fall by presenting in no particular order: a parade of clogs, hardcore feminist punk, a telepathic workshop, a mentally unstable karaoke singer, mistreated walkmen, an exhibition of smoke and barbed wire, unapologetic alcoholics and larvae dealers, (some) fire, people playing with food on screen, people playing with food off screen, the mighty alternator, hardcore digital, eerie chirping, feedback loops of a vaudois bird, audio wreckage in a see of white noise, the threat of moving tectonic plates, experimental hip-hop noise, an unappetizing breakfast show, an invisible two-man show, bears killing unicorns, behind some scenes of Doctor Who, a large faceless shape-shiftimg triple alliance, concealed nuclear missiles, the co-founders of the best band in all of time and space, an orchestra of rolls of sticky tape, a soap spewing nose, little driving sitting rooms, rituals for satanic cats, a hefty list of terrible ideas for a birthday party, a not so enjoyable Christmas, several recountings of phony dinosaurs, The heinous crimes of Lady Divine, crunchy cheese toppings, vocal convulsions, fibrous chains of alpha-chitin, a ritual for healing and communal bonding, the collision of Hell and the Above. This is but a partial list.

2022 TEAM

General Direction
Marie Klay, Martina Pattonieri, Eugénie Constantin

Artistic Direction
Julien Bodivit, Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

Marie Klay

Martina Pattonieri, Eugénie Constantin

Jennifer Siegrist

Communication assistant
Nina Treichler

Press Relations
Anouk Rieben

Sponsoring and fundraising
Eugénie Constantin

Artistic Direction – Film
Julien Bodivit

Film Programming

Julien Bodivit, Anouck Chambaz, Veronika Chekodanova, Sawsane Hema, Marie Herny, Marie Klay, Jessica Macor, Eric Peretti, Isotta Regazzoni, Jennifer Siegrist, Philippe Wiedmer, Timothée Zurbuchen

Film technicians
Sébastien Baudet, Lionel Bize, Sawsane Hema

Print Traffic Coordination
Sawsane Hema

Subtitles coordination
Elsa Lovat

Artistic Direction – Music
Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

Music programmation
Dimitri Meier, Francisco Meirino, Hiroko Pennec-Sato, Jennifer Siegrist, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter

Music coordination
Dimitri Meier

Sound System

Pat Navier

Music equipment management
Serge Carrupt, Joël Corboz, Nicolas Montandon

Workshops programmation
Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

Workshops coordination
Chloé Geinoz

Coordination and programming – L’OFF
Antoine Barras, Ivan Chestopaloff, Julie Corday, Ernest Gachet, Assadour Matthey, Yolane Rais, Lucien Schubert

Rip on/off team
Lionel Bize, Laura Daengeli, Christian Indermuhle, Christine Ritter, Thibault Walter

Radio coordination
Hector Fassa

Radio team
Agathe Raboud, Christian Heiko Wüthrich, Urs Rihs, Dino Dragic-Dubois, Jasmin Christen, Nadia Schweizer

Eugénie Constantin, Martina Pattonieri

Gysèle Giannuzzi

Vincent Annen

Célia Magliocco, Marika Barman

Isciane Dällenbach, Clémence Stoll

Accueil et accréditations
Cindy Mendicino

Luca Bianchetti

Volonteers Coordination
Alice Fuchs, Alana Guarino

Bars Coordination and logistics
Yannick Schader, Marc Colin, Michael Tsang

Bars manager
Tania Bertossi, Elsa Lovat

Infrastructures and Scenography
Lucien Schubert

Information Display
Roxane Christinet, Martial Grin, Nina Treichler

Access manager

Léonie Nussbaum

Sustainable Developpement
Annaëlle Poget 

Satellites Locations Coordination
Gwenaël Grossfeld, Yann Schlaefli

Johan Cosandey, Antoine Hürlimann

Cristina Martinoni

Marie-Charlotte Winterhalter

Shop manager
Joshua Teague Orsi

LAFF – Les Amis du LUFF
Lana Damergi

 – Production and Editing
Aline Bonvin

Trailer Music
Model Home

Collectif Coup de soleil - Video team
Sophie Berset, Margaux Huber, Thalles Piaget, Edmée Eggs
avec l’aide de : Celina Collot

Frederik Mahler-Andersen

Visual Identity & grahic design 
Rebecca Metzger, Pauline Piguet

Sébastien Baudet, Thomas Lorenzo

APCI Committee
Julien Bodivit, Patrick Suhner, Thibault Walter

APCI : LUFF is a project carried out within the framework of the Association pour la Promotion de la Culture Independente (APCI), and relies on the voluntary work of its members. Since its creation in 2001, APCI has been guided by two main goals: to promote artists who live fully from their art and to offer the public works and performances rarely seen in our latitudes.