Cuddly Toys - Kansas Bowling (Compétition longs métrages)
Laurie Tompkins
Flux Gourmet - Peter Strickland (Film d'ouverture)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


plays Alvin Lucier's Bird and Person Dyning

Elaine Mitchener is a voice and motion artist who spans repertoires and stages with freedom. During the pandemic, online from an empty Café Oto, Mitchener performed Alvin Lucier's Bird and Person Dyning (1975). For the first time in public, she performs this radical piece made up of feedback from microphones placed in her ears, the sound of a local bird (Mitchener adapts Lucier) and the speakers. Through slow movements in space, phantom chirps (below and above the original sound) are heard.

{see also : book launch of the Rip on/off's 15th publication "Douglas Kahn, Oiseaux. Réflexions sur Alvin Lucier" on Thursday 20.10 at Librairie HumuS}

THU 20.10, 22:30
Salle des Fêtes
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