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Survive at all costs
Roberta Findlay, 1985, USA
94', DCP, English w/French subs

In the presence of Roberta Findlay

TW: (click on the blurred zone)

Violence, sexual violence, racism

In the 80's, while porn became a less lucrative business, Roberta Findlay turned to horror and made a small series of films where the supernatural endorses some sporadic blood effusions. Tenement, aka Game of Survival, is an exception as it anchors its story in the Bronx's brutal realism. We follow the invasion of a building by a revengeful gang who intend to eliminate every single occupant of the premises. Those attacked will have to be as aggressive as their opponents if they want to survive. Bloody and insane, Tenement was X rated….for its violence.

SAT 22.10, 16:00
Cinéma Bellevaux