Flux Gourmet - Peter Strickland (Film d'ouverture)
Hive Mind
Santa Sangre - Alejandro Jodorowsky (Carte blanche Stephen Sayadian)
Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street - Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen (Documentaires)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


Myen is a queer interdisciplinary project as well as a personal sonic hyperstition system. They understand their own media output as a way of communicating and evoking their speculations, ideas, thoughts and pains in an intimate and ritualistic manner. Myen's sonic body of work describes itself best as a pain soothing, outward-directed, occult healing practice. Most of MYEN's sounds function as signal-transmitters for techno-magical operations and are made to manifest personal hyperstitions in their ritualistic practices.

SAT 22.10, 19:45
Esplanade du Casino
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