Swallowed - Carther Smith (Film de clôture)
Breathing Happy - Shane Brady (Compétition longs métrages)
Scream Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street - Roman Chimienti & Tyler Jensen (Documentaires)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


Komare is a London duo consisting of Dominic Goodman and Peter Blundell, who also form two thirds of the awesome Mosquitoes. Somewhat of a distant cousin to that project's minimalist and dishevelled no-wave, Komare's explorations are resolutely more dub-influenced, creating a thick vibrational illusion. A disorientative stretching of space and time that leads the listener into a hallucinatory underworld. A dynamic trip that delves deeper and deeper as the sound progresses/disintegrates.

FRI 21.10, 22:30
Salle des Fêtes
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