Hive Mind
Breathing Happy - Shane Brady (Compétition longs métrages)
Cuddly Toys - Kansas Bowling (Compétition longs métrages)
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


Deadpan horror satire
Pete Ohs, 2022, USA
70', DCP, English w/French subs

Swiss premiere

Jessica is being harassed by Kevin, a young obsessive man who follows her everywhere. Thinking that she finally got rid of him, Jessica meets up with her childhood friend Elena and agrees to spend some time at her house. When the insistent Kevin reappears at their door, Elena understands that he will never leave her friend alone, and that she will have to deal with this problem in an unorthodox way...

With a subtle supernatural touch, Jethica tackles a tricky issue that is increasingly relevant, that of consent and the refusal to hear "no", with a most effective originality.