Swallowed - Carther Smith (Film de clôture)
Breathing Happy - Shane Brady (Compétition longs métrages)
Laurie Tompkins
Lausanne Underground
Film & Music Festival
21st edition


a.hop was founded during lockdown by nine artists living in different countries who have never met each other in person. Diversity of culture and life experience is an essential ingredient of their collective work. Born in the digital terrain as a result of the pandemic, a.hop questions notions such as collaboration, space, travel, politics, social mechanisms, ideology, democracy. Their performances and improvisations are based on unconventional ideas between music, mixed media, video and others, whose content and methods range from the analytical to the poetic to the absurd, creating an array of engaging works.

a.hop are : Anne-F Jacques (Canada): found and modified objects, amplification ; Bonnie Jones (USA): electronics, microphones, samples ; Liew Niyomkarn (Belgium): a lyre, objects, contact mics, computer, synth ; Lynette Quek (Singapore): laptop, random objects ; Ryoko Akama (UK): domestic electronics & objects ; suzueri (Japan): toy-pianos, toys, handmade instruments, objects ; Veronica Cerrotta (Argentina): field recordings, electronics, synths. Elizabeth Millar (Canada) and Valentina Villarroel Ambbiado (Chile) will join in with pre-recorded materials.

{see also : workshop Heat, motion, sound with Ryoko Akama & Anne-F Jacques on Friday 21.10 at Galerie HumuS}

{see also : workshop Sound Lens with suzueri on Saturday 22.10 at EJMA}